‘The Fate of the Furious’ Review

fast-furious-8I’ve begun the last couple of reviews for films in the Fast & Furious series by noting just what an unusual path this franchise has taken to becoming one of the most successful and important film series of modern times. I don’t want to get too repetitive, but let’s just say that my opinion of this series has turned around so much that I’ve gone from thinking they were actively bad movies that I wouldn’t consider paying to see, to being hugely excited about seeing the latest instalment on opening night. Continue reading


‘Spy’ (2015) Review

spy 2015Paul Feig’s smash-hit 2011 comedy Bridesmaids was one of those movies I was so surprised I didn’t like that I ended up re-watching months later to see if I’d just got it all wrong first time around. I still didn’t think much of it, but I did find Feig’s follow-up The Heat considerably more enjoyable. The Heat is also really the only decent movie Bridesmaids’ break-out star Melissa McCarthy has managed since, otherwise starring in the terrible Identity Thief and Tammy. In all these she’s been playing variations on the same character type too (her Oscar-nominated turn in Bridesmaids) and one can’t help feeling that to stay prominent she needs to try and break the mould. Spy is just the movie to do it; it’s the best role for her yet (at least since The Nines), and her chance to prove that she can headline a movie by herself. Continue reading

‘Furious 7’ Review

furious 7As the summer movie promos were kicking into gear online a few weeks ago, I was struck by quite a thought; by the end of this year, I’m going to have seen new Terminator, Mission: Impossible and Jurassic Park films. What would my 13-year old self have made of this? Honestly though, I would probably have been more surprised than any of these to learn that 2015 would see the release of a seventh Fast & Furious film (the original of which came out when I was 13). Seventh! Even weirder, the seventh instalment in this preposterous series also marked a turning point for me; for the first time I was actually quite excited to see a new Fast & Furious movie. Well what the hell happened? Let’s just take a minute to consider how supremely unusual this series is. Continue reading