Director Months: February – Abbas Kiarostami

taste-of-cherrySo, only two months in and I’m already behind on this, I’ve got to stick with it though, my aim is to publish these within the first week of the month, and I must try harder next time. Anyway, a couple of years ago I wrote a piece about what I considered my top ten movie “blind spots” – the most famous movies I had never seen. At the end of the list I wrote down a couple of names of famous directors who I hadn’t seen any films from, one of whom was acclaimed Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami. I had intended seeing all my blind spots to be a challenge for the following year but then unfortunately forgot all about it, though I might resurrect that post next month. I did want to include Kiarostami in my ‘director months’ project though, particularly after his death last year led to a number of articles highlighting his work, reminding me just how respected he was among critics and fellow directors. Continue reading


Director Months: January – Sion Sono

why-dont-you-play-in-hell-2One of my movie-related new year’s resolutions this year was initially just to try and watch a few more older movies I hadn’t seen, but I then decided to be a bit more rigid and instead opted to settle on becoming familiar with some more well-known and acclaimed filmmakers that I’d personally not seen much, if anything from. I decided to split this into what I feel is a fairly manageable format; one director per month, who has an established reputation and body of work, but that I’ve only seen a very small portion of, if anything at all. Then I must try to see at least three films from each director’s filmography, and not just the three most recent ones. Continue reading