‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Review

guardians2Guardians of the Galaxy was easily the most obscure property that Marvel studios have set their sights on adapting, and the only really surprising announcement since they made since the MCU’s inception. It was a risk that paid off though, with the film being arguably Marvel Studios’ most unique entry, both content and quality-wise. It certainly tends to lie near the top of any fan’s ranking (I’ve got it at 3 myself). With the addition of this sequel though, confidently the strongest ‘part 2’ of any MCU series yet, they might well prove to be the Studios’ biggest stars. Continue reading


‘Jurassic World’ Review

jurassic-world-22Among huge science-fiction franchises, Jurassic Park is somewhat unusual in the fact that few people seem to think of it as that. I’m struggling to think of any other movie that’s had a couple of big-budget theatrical sequels that’s thoroughly endured in pop culture yet is still talked about so separately from the series it spawned. When was the last time you heard someone talk about ‘The Jurassic Park Trilogy’? It’s not that the two sequels are completely awful anyway, of course they’re vastly inferior, but then again, so are most things. I think it’s more a testament to just how brilliant Jurassic Park is that it continues to stand apart. Continue reading