‘The Fate of the Furious’ Review

fast-furious-8I’ve begun the last couple of reviews for films in the Fast & Furious series by noting just what an unusual path this franchise has taken to becoming one of the most successful and important film series of modern times. I don’t want to get too repetitive, but let’s just say that my opinion of this series has turned around so much that I’ve gone from thinking they were actively bad movies that I wouldn’t consider paying to see, to being hugely excited about seeing the latest instalment on opening night. Continue reading


‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Review

mad max fury roadMax Max: Fury Road certainly breaks the record for the new release film it’s been the longest time since I first heard of. If I recall correctly, the first ever film magazine I bought, probably around 2001-2002 had a mention of it as an upcoming project, and it had already been delayed once at that time. Of course then the film was set to be made with original star Mel Gibson reprising the role that made his name. That never happened, and along the way there was talk that Fury Road might wind up as an animation, but when things looked to be back on track, delays continued to prevail. New Mad Max actor Tom Hardy announced his casting almost five years ago, long before he was announced as Bane to put that in perspective. The film finally started shooting in July 2012, which for those keeping track, is about three years ago. This looked to be a project that found ways to resist completion every step of the way, resulting in the fact that it’s mid-2015 when the film is finally unleashed unto the world, a full three decades since Mad Max’s last outing; Beyond Thunderdome. It would be reasonable to have some reservations regarding a film whose production was so plagued with setbacks, but series creator George Miller’s determination has persevered, leaving us with the question, could Fury Road have really been worth all those years of hard work? Continue reading