2018 Update

I’m sorry to say that, other than my recent Justice League review I haven’t posted anything on this once-regular blog since June, by far the longest break I’ve taken. I don’t like to get into personal matters on here so I’ll keep it short and say that I was victim to a rather unfortunate series of events earlier this year that completely derailed my life as it was. Despite then having far more free time on my hands, I found myself completely unmotivated to write about and even watch movies as frequently as I used to. However I’m now close to getting everything back on track and things are looking up, so I thought it was high time I got back into the blogging game. Continue reading


‘Beauty and the Beast’ (2017) Review

beauty beastI’ve made no secret of the fact that possibly my least favourite trend in studio cinema today is these live-action fairy-tale remakes. It’s particularly egregious that most of these inevitably are coming from Disney, who have all the money in the world yet apparently wish to just recycle their old material, slapping a fresh coat of paint on it to re-sell to the public on mass. This one though, was a little different; I have to admit that for the first time for one of these films I was mildly excited about seeing a new take on Beauty and the Beast. Not that I thought it was a good idea especially, just that the original was so ubiquitous when I was I kid I couldn’t help but get sucked in the moment the familiar tinkly piano refrain kicked in on the first teaser trailer. Continue reading

‘Bridge of Spies’ Review

Bridge-of-SpiesI was struck by an unusual thought as I sat down to watch Bridge of Spies in the cinema last week. Here was a new movie, written by the Coen Brothers, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Steven Spielberg, and yet I knew almost nothing about it other than its cold war setting. How did a film of this pedigree manage to arrive feeling so under-the-radar? Continue reading


So, I’ve not been especially prolific on the writing front recently, in fact I think last month featured the fewest new posts since I started this blog. My apologies, I’ve been slacking off immensely. It’s hopefully all changing now though. I’ve got several articles and reviews in the can already, and I’m planning on writing round-up reviews for all the summer movies I saw but was too lazy to fully review. On top of this I’m going to be doing the whole ‘October horror’ thing and try to watch and review a couple of horror movies every week this month, which may feature some cross-over with a fellow movie blogger on here. Sorry this is a bit of a pointless post but I reckon that if I put it up here now I’m more committed to sticking to my plan. Onwards!

2 Years of Blogging

Earlier this week WordPress notified me that it’s been 2 years since I started writing this blog. I have to say I’m both quite happy and a little surprised that I’ve managed to keep up regularly posting on here. I had been thinking of starting a blog for some time and finally actually got around to it in the first half of 2012. At the time I thought I’d end up writing about several things I was interested in, and indeed some of my earlier posts related more frequently to music or comics, I even started a few personal ones but never published them. Honestly, I soon realised I didn’t have a great deal of interest in writing a personal blog. Also, after a year or so this essentially became purely about films. I have no problem with that, cinema is my primary interest, I don’t keep up with music, books, comics or other media anywhere near as much, and I find writing album or book reviews considerably more challenging than film ones.

Where to from here then? Well I’m certainly going to stick with it, however it also brought my attention to the fact that my blog hasn’t ever actually had a name or an ‘about section’. I’ll get on them sharpish though thinking of a name is one of those things I can just never get right. I’ll likely end up with something completely unimaginative like ‘Richard’s Movie Blog’ or something, but it’s better than nothing. Web design is also not my forte, and I might look for a new theme soon. I’ve more-or-less stuck to my aims of writing 2 posts a week without any insubstantial filler ones. I’d love to write more but often just don’t have the time. I’ve got plans for a few bigger articles for the coming months, along with a ‘themed week’ or two and hopefully a cross-blog type thing with one of my friends and fellow film writers. I’m also going to try a few more of my ‘lesser seen’ articles but those films are often hard to track down.

Anyway, I know I don’t get a great deal of hits, likes or comments here but every one of them means a lot, and makes me glad to keep writing.


Richard White