New Movie Podcast Recommendation – ‘The Next Picture Show’

next picture showIn my post mourning the untimely loss of superlative film website ‘The Dissolve’ earlier this year, I singled out their podcast as being one of the best aspects of their uniformly excellent content, and at the time my favourite podcast going.

It’s been pleasing to see that all of the site’s former staff appear to have found new outlets to write at, but imagine my delight when they announced a few weeks ago that some of the key members would be reuniting for a new podcast called ‘The Next Picture Show’, which would be released under the ‘Filmspotting’ banner (joining the original ‘Filmspotting’ and ‘Filmspotting: SVU’, co-hosted by another former ‘Dissolve’ writer).

‘The Next Picture Show’ is not exactly a return of the ‘The Dissolve Podcast’ however, as it features are largely different format. As they state at the beginning of the episode, it’s more inspired by the ‘movie of the week’ feature they ran on the site in the form of essays. Their core principle in that “no film exists in a vacuum, there’s history and context in every new release and part of the joy in being a cinephile is in making those connections”.

Every couple of weeks the show will release two new episodes centred on a new release film and an older one that relates to it. Their first couple of episodes were on the true-life journalism dramas All the President’s Men and Spotlight. Unfortunately for me, Spotlight hasn’t been released where I am yet so it wasn’t an ideal starting point, but the next two episodes were on Battle Royale and The Hunger Games series which were fantastic listens. The most recent ones have focused on Pixar from Toy Story to The Good Dinosaur.

As with ‘The Dissolve’, the show is full of insightful, fascinating, witty yet focused film discussion from top critics Scott Tobias, Tasha Robinson, and Keith Phipps with contributions from Genevieve Koski and Rachel Handler. Each episode has been around 35-45 minutes and has lacked any rambling, ads or off-topic banter. They also have a segment at the end of every second episode where each member recommends something they’ve seen recently. My only disappointment with the show is that it doesn’t feature the often hilarious quiz segment present on ‘The Dissolve Podcast’, but it looks like they’ve decided to centre more on their main topic than have a number of different segments throughout the show.

I love listening to good movie podcasts and am always on the lookout for more, I’m very glad to see a new one from ‘The Dissolve’ team, and ‘The Next Picture Show’ is now something I’ll be looking forward to every couple of weeks.

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