The Worst films of 2013

There are lots of surely terrible films like Grown Ups 2 or The Starving Games that I’m never likely to watch, but I still ended up seeing a number of truly awful films this year, here are the main offenders.

Beautiful_Creatures_One,4D_low_res8. Beautiful Creatures

The year’s third-worst supernatural teen adaptation felt like it had a bit more potential than most, but ended up just being another a tiresome and forgettable romance (about witches this time). How many of these films have to flop before they stop being made?




7. The To Do List

A smart teenage girl sets out to lose her virginity in this crude and vulgar sex comedy that wastes the talents of an alarming number of gifted comedic actors. My original review.





6. The Hangover Part 3

The Hangover was reasonably amusing, Part 2 was a textbook example of how not to do a sequel. This unwelcome third instalment doesn’t just repeat the plot again but is otherwise a very lazy film, satisfied in just returning the cast to Vegas and not even bothering to try and be funny or original otherwise. These sequels have even made the original feel worse in retrospect.



5. The Guilt Trip

Neither Seth Rogan or Barbra Streisand score any laughs as a mother and son embarking on a bonding road trip in this awful excuse for a comedy.





4. The Last Exorcism: Part 2

It may have dropped the annoying found footage gimmick but this tedious horror sequel is devoid of any thrills, scares or memorable aspects whatsoever.




220px-The_Mortal_Instruments_-_City_of_Bones_Poster3. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Yet another paranormal teen romance populated with the dullest of characters enacting a drawn out and very boring plot. My original short review.




220px-I_Spit_on_Your_Grave_22. I Spit on Your Grave 2

A cheap and nasty horror sequel whose primary concern is artlessly depicting as many scenes of unimaginative rape and torture as it can. My review.





1. The Host

Dire sci-fi romance from the mind of Twilight author Stephanie Meyer. Extremely tedious characters, barely-there plot, and somehow made worse by knowing Truman Show/ Gattaca writer Andrew Niccol bought it to the screen. Terrible in every way. My original short review



Dishonourable mentions, Riddick, Insidious Chapter 2, Stranded, Paradise, Identity Thief. I saw Pitch Perfect this year but it technically was released last year, it would have made the list otherwise. I also saw the first hour of The Internship on a plane. I had to stop there as we were landing but was left with no desire to see the rest of it. 

215px-Warm_Bodies_Theatrical_PosterMost Overrated film: Warm Bodies, some good songs on the soundtrack couldn’t turn this human-zombie romance into an enjoyable film, but it’s somehow got a 81% rating on rotten tomatoes. My Review. (runner-up: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)





Most Disappointing: A lot of the big summer movies disappointed this year, but while Man of Steel, Elysium, and Pacific Rim weren’t as good as I’d hoped, I still enjoyed them for the most part, Monsters University on the other hand, I didn’t. A real shame to see Pixar deliver a film as average as this.  My Review. (runner-up: The Master, not a bad film, but one I hoped would be so much more.)




Inevitable Disappointment: I’d really hoped it might turn out alright in the end, but by the time The Lone Ranger was unleashed, it seemed there was no way it would end up being good. It wasn’t. My review. (runner-up: A Good Day to Die Hard)


4 thoughts on “The Worst films of 2013

      • Oh no that’s fine! I wasn’t being argumentative and hope it didn’t seem like that. We can’t all be the same and would be rather boring if we were! It was one of those movies that captivated me BUT having said that I watched it without any expectations at all. Which helps really as then you may just be nicely surprised.

        I just liked it. Maybe because I’m a girl haha.

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