Update on ‘Gravity’ in 2D


As I mentioned in my original review of the film, I intended to see the masterful Gravity again in 2D before it left theatres. I managed to do so last night, and essentially had my suspicions confirmed. The film works absolutely fine in 2D. Admittedly at the start there are moments when things are floating toward the screen that you can really tell were intended for 3D, but this ceases to matter as the film draws you in. After a short while I’d forgotten all about the 2D/3D dilemma and just had a great time watching the film for a second time. I wouldn’t encourage people to avoid the 3D necessarily, but those who are really adverse to 3D can still see this without concern, and I feel I can confidently say that this film will have no trouble succeeding on standard screens when it leaves the cinema.


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