Introducing…The Lesser Seen

I’ve been thinking about adding a few more features to this blog other than just the new-release reviews and ratings posts, and come up with a couple of ideas.

The first one I want to start is called ‘The Lesser Seen’. I plan to take a famous modern filmmaker and find a film or two of theirs that, for whatever reason, is nowadays often forgotten about, or not well-known to mainstream audiences. Preferably one I haven’t seen yet myself. It may be a low-budget debut like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Following’ or a major film that left much less of an impression than the director’s others, such as David Fincher’s ‘The Game’. (I’ve used those two as examples here as I won’t be featuring them in the series). Also I’ll try not to feature directors who’ve made just as many obscure films as mainstream ones, like Steven Soderbergh.  I hope I can find some good films along the way. So far I’ve compiled a list of fifteen directors which should give me more than enough to get started. First post in the series to come soon…

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