‘The Private Eye’ – A new digital comic from Brian K. Vaughan

the private eye

We’re not even a year into ‘Saga’ yet but comics godhead Brian K. Vaughan (Y:The Last Man) has just sprung a new series on us out of nowhere.

This isn’t like anything else though, this is no teaser or preview, you can get the first issue right now.

It’s been released as a digital exclusive, pay what you want download. This practice has been around for a while now for other media but this is the first time I’m aware of it being done with a comic, cutting out the middle man, lowering the price and giving 100% of the profits to the creators.

While I don’t want to read all my comics digitally, (the ones I really care about I want print copies of, such as Vaughan’s ‘Saga’) I’m warming more to them since getting a tablet computer. I would fork out for a copy of any new creator-owned work from Vaughan though. They only recommend paying $1 for the debut issue, which is available in PDF, CBR, and CBZ formats, and I was more than happy to comply.

It’s an intriguing debut issue, focusing on a private investigator in a strange but beautifully realised future world (art courtesy of Marcos Martin)  where nearly everyone disguises themselves with animal masks (among other things), and while lots of sci-fi technology is present, the internet is now obsolete.

It’s presented in an unusual page format, with every page in landscape, but the story is designed well for this and it reads fine with each page full screen on my tablet or laptop, indeed to read on a laptop this format works much better than portrait pages.

On the strength of this first issue (of a planned 10), it’s not the best thing Vaughan’s produced, but it’s still absolutely worth getting, especially seeing as you can pay whatever you see fit. I’m on board for the next issue.

Get it here


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