Ratings – 28/02/2013

‘The House I Live In’

A sobering documentary examining America’s never ending, and apparently futile war on drugs, featuring input from ‘The Wire’ creator David Simon.



Not Quite Hollywood / Machete Maidens Unleashed

A pair of excellent documentaries about the exploitation film industries in Australia and the Philippines, packed with sleaze and gore-filled clips and insightful interviews in equal measure.

both 4/5


West of Memphis

An outstanding, haunting, and worrying documentary, following an extreme case of the American legal system gone wrong. Three teens are charged with a horrendous crime that they clearly did not commit, and it takes years of effort from outsiders, including a number of celebrities, to try and free them.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

Second part of the loyal comic book adaptation, completing the story as expected.



‘House at the End of the Street’

The overrated Jennifer Lawrence gives a bland performance in this below average horror movie. She plays the stroppy teenage daughter to mother Elizabeth Shue, who move into their new suburban dream house, only to find that four years previously, the parents in a neighbouring house were murdered by their own daughter.

Contrary to her mother’s wishes, and the advice of the locals, Lawrence befriends the surviving son of the family. The film then plays out in a very dull a predictable manner, with a potential stalker-killer on the loose, silly plot twists and zero scares.


to rome with love

‘To Rome with Love’

Woody Allen continues his tour of European cities with a trip to the Italian capital, again he offers an overly romantic postcard view of the city. He intertwines 4 unrelated stories, some of which are fantastical, which have some amusing moments, but none would be sufficient for a film in their own right. Allen’s own segment and Roberto Benigni’s are essentially one joke affairs.



Solid crime/legal thriller starring a probably career best Richard Gere



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