My 2012 Playlist



Not a great deal of music for me this year, but I’m limiting this to 2 songs per album. I’m sure there’s more I’ll think of later.

Ace Enders – That’s Not Your Real Name

Counting Crows – Hospital

The American Dollar – Steeltown (1+2)

The Shins – Simple Song

We Shot the Moon – Rearrange

Anathema – Untouchable 1+2, Internal Landscapes

Atoma – Skylight

Feeder – Quiet, Children of the Sun

Cloudkicker – From the Balcony, Seattle

The Early November – A Stain on the Carpet, Guilt and Swell

Matt Skiba & the Sekrets – The End of Joy, How the Hell did We Get Here?

The Tallest Man on Earth – There’s No Leaving Now, 1904

The Offspring – Dividing by Zero, Slim Pickens…

Yellowcard – Awakening, Southern Air

Stars – Hold on When You Get Love…

Billy Talent – Surprise, Surprise

Benjamin Gibbard – Duncan, Where have you gone?

Dawnbringer – VIII

Converge – Tresspasses, Coral Blue

Further Seems Forever – So Cold, Janie

Anberlin – Self Starter, Intentions

Deftones – Leathers, What Happened to You?


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