New Music from September

After a few months without a great deal of new music, September saw the release of a number of albums I was interested in checking out.

Ensiferum – Unsung Heroes

I’d really liked the previous few albums from this most awesomely ludicrous of Viking Metal bands, so it’s a shame to say that this one’s really quite a disappointment.


Band of Horses – Mirage Rock

More mild disappointment from this rather bland fourth Band of Horses album

Ben Folds Five – The Sound of Life on the Mind

While I do enjoy a number of old BF5 songs, I’ve much preferred Folds’ solo work. This reunion album, coming 13 years since their last, doesn’t sound like much time has passed at all, but was hard to get too excited about.

Stars – The North

Better is the latest release from Canadian Indie pop outfit Stars, not up there with their best work but decent enough.

Billy Talent – Dead Silence

Likewise this, another solid effort, though the band sounds pretty much exactly the same as they did on their debut, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Showbread – Cancer

While I don’t care for their occasionally blatant Christian message, I’ve really enjoyed a lot of Showbread’s music over the few years, particularly the ‘Anorexia/Nervosa’ double album. Like that, this is a great, ambitious concept album, oh and they’re giving it away for FREE. Definitely my favourite new release for a while.

And finally…

ZZ Top – La Futura

Yes, this band is still going strong after 40+ years.

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