Ratings – 29/09/2012


Nowhere to Run

After being mildly impressed with Van Damme’s turn in ‘Expendables 2’, I decided to check out one of the supposed better films form his financial heyday. The plot was surprisingly a little more on the romantic drama side of things than I expected, as Van Damme finds himself defending a family’s farmhouse from evil real estate developers. Passable entertainment.



As I mentioned before, this was one of the late Tony Scott’s only films I’d yet to see. It’s not one of his best.


Missing (2009)

While it’s rural Korean setting may superficially make it stand out a bit, this is essentially just another horror film of the ‘torture porn’ variety. A middle aged chicken farmer captures a young woman and imprisons her in his barn, then subjects her to a string of abuse.  It’s well made and hard to watch in places but doesn’t really have anything to say.


White: The Melody of the Curse

The bright, happy world of K-pop girl bands provides the backdrop for this suspenseful supernatural horror-thriller. A struggling group finds an old video cassette of a catchy song, and decide to re-record it as their own. It brings them great success but with it the girls become increasingly hostile. Things get effectively creepy and disturbing as it progresses. Recommended.



A decent but unoriginal premise that could be explored in a number of ways – a boy has the psychic power to control people into acting out his wishes. I’d hoped that it would go about showing what a person might do with such a power but instead concentrates almost entirely on the struggle between the psychic and the one man who seems immune to him. Disappointing.



Intriguing London-set terrorism thriller. Sean Bean’s secret service agent pursues a terrorist who is admirably given a lengthy backstory via flashback.


Don’t Click

A modern technology filled but clichéd horror about a cursed internet video, that’s overly reliant on cheap jump scares to liven up its thin plot.



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