Ratings – 05/09/2012

‘Take This Waltz’

90s indie actress turned writer-director Sarah Polley’s second film centres on a young woman torn between her loving but unexciting husband and her handsome, rickshaw driving (really) neighbour. It’s much better than that sounds.


‘Safe’ (2012)

A Jason Statham vehicle that starts of sounding like some straight-to-DVD rubbish, it gets  better than that but still standard fare for Statham

‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’

Decent animation recreating some famous comic book storylines.


‘Beverly Hills Cop’

‘Beverly Hills Cop II’

I hadn’t watched these for years and was quite surprised really at how little I thought of them now. They’ve got some funny moments but are far from classics.

I – 2.5/5.  II – 2/5

‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists’

Aardman animation have a fairly legendary reputation that this just fails to live up to. Despite the wonderful claymation, ‘The Pirates’ lacks a strong story and isn’t particularly funny.



The original [REC] was one of the scarier films of the last decade, and one of the very few found footage movies I could stand. While this takes off straight from the previous one’s climax, the fact that you know what’s coming prevents it from being anywhere near as shocking.



Another solid effort from the prolific Kim Ki-Duk, chronicling the bizarre relationship that develops between a suicidal death row inmate and an unhappily married woman, typically lacking in much dialogue but offering intriguing characters, indeed one of its two leads doesn’t speak at all.


‘Fast Five’

After watching the average first instalment and dire second one I had no interest in taking this series any further, but ultimately gave in after seeing the many good reviews for this. Sadly, despite some impressive action sequences, it’s all so relentless that it becomes rather dull.


‘Blood Work’

An watchable but forgettable crime thriller from Clint Eastwood’s later career.



Devoured the latest volume of Jason Aaron’s crime epic ‘Scalped’ very quickly. This is one of the best comic series I’ve ever read, sadly there’s only one more volume to go after this one.


Yellowcard – Southern Air

Yellowcard made the type of music I enjoyed a lot as a teenager, but became less and less interested in as I grew older. After getting a lot of recognition for their 2003 album ‘Ocean Avenue’ they gradually faded from the spotlight before apparently breaking up in 2008. At the time, I didn’t much care if it was the last we’d hear from them. Their hiatus did not last long though, as a mere 2 years later they reformed and released a new album in 2011 to positive reviews. While it was a definite improvement in musicianship, besides the excellent closing track I didn’t care a great deal for it. Now, less than 18 months on, they’ve released another new record, and have been getting even better reviews. As a result I felt I had to check it out. And well, again, from a technical, musical and lyrical standpoint it is another improvement, and has some good songs. But it is still sunny pop-punk and the violin is still unessential.



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