24 hour cinema

One of the cinemas I visit regularly has just turned into a ’24 hour cinema’ for ‘all night movie dates’. While I’ve been to midnight screenings before I still really liked this idea so decided to check it out last weekend. We went for a screening (‘Total Recall’) at 12:40 am, not the latest time I know but later than I’ve started watching film in the cinema before. To my surprise, a good number of people were also attending. When we finished, it was approaching 3:00 am and there were some people waiting for the next screening at 3:10 am. Personally I’m quite pleased that there seems to be an audience for this here, as when I first heard about it I wasn’t sure if it would catch on. And maybe it won’t, maybe the cinema will revert back in a month or so. I hope not though. While I don’t intend on watching a movie at 5:00 am or anything, it’s great to have more freedom as to when to go to the cinema, and to be able to have a nice meal in a restaurant, then seeing a movie after without having to rush. Indeed, where I used to live the local cinema (and there was only one) didn’t have any screenings that started after 9:30 pm.

This does open the possibility for drunken patrons though. Indeed during my screening a man walked in around half way through, sat in the row in front of me, drank 2 cans of beer in quick succession, then promptly left, never to return. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse than that.


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