Ratings – 26/07/2012

Twixt – 3/5

Francis Ford Coppola’s latest is a low-budget horror/thriller involving a writer visiting a small town and having strange dreams that may relate to a murder mystery, that doesn’t seem to have even gotten a proper release in most places. It starts of intriguingly, and it’s great to see Val Kilmer getting a decent lead role again, but is somewhat unsatisfying.


The Raven – 2/5

Watched with ‘Twixt’ is a bizarre Edgar Allen Poe themed double bill, this has a good idea behind it but doesn’t manage to get much out of it.


Nameless Gangster – 3.5/5

A Scorsese-esque crime film form Korea, which unusually follows a middle ages man as he becomes involved with organised crime ran by mostly younger men. A little long, but some great acting and set-pieces.

Time (Shi-gan) – 3.5/5

Another from the prolific Kim Ki-Duk, this is a tragic romantic drama about jealousy and plastic surgery.


Killer Elite – 2/5

Despite a lot of ambition, a fact based story, multiple international locations, some A-list supporting cast, this ends up feeling like a below-average Jason Statham film. Disappointing.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – 3.5/5

A little contrived but successful as a feel-good film with a cast of seniors.

Bug – 3/5


A lot of recent Dark Tranquillity

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