‘Red Dwarf X’ Teaser Trailer

       Sometimes having to wait a very long time for something to appear can amplify your excitement, other times, it can be so drawn out that eventually you just stop caring. Such was the case with Sci-fi sitcom ‘Red Dwarf’. I loved this show as a kid, at a time when I watched very little TV at all I still owned many VHSs (remember those?) of ‘Red Dwarf’ episodes and watched them constantly.

Even so, I came into it very late, the first series I saw on TV as it aired was series 7. Series 8 got and still gets a lot of hate from older fans but I never saw why myself. I found it had just as many laughs as the earlier series. For those who don’t recall, series 8 did not end on a satisfactory note. It didn’t seem like it was intended to be the final appearance of the show and for some time afterward there was talk of a movie that never materialised.

The years went by with no news at all and after a while I came to accept that that was that, and we weren’t ever going to see any more, and by that stage, it was probably best left alone anyway.

Not so however, due to the popularity of its endless reruns, digital channel ‘Dave’ decided to commission a new production, not a whole new series but a 3 episode special telling one story entitled ‘Back To Earth’. If I had heard this news in 2001 I would have been incredibly excited, but by then I didn’t think a lot of it and had fairly low expectations. These expectations were well and truly met upon its airing in April 2009. While it was nice to see the characters back, the meta-reality story was too similar to one of the best early episodes (the similarly titled ‘Back to Reality’) and crucially, it just wasn’t funny. The show that used to have me in hysterics every episode could barely raise a snigger.

Despite the negative reactions to ‘Back to Earth’ a further complete series was eventually commissioned and is due to air later this year. Below we have the first teaser trailer for it. It looks a lot more like the original series than the mini-series did but still I don’t feel particularly hopeful. I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see.


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