Ratings 25/06/12

Okay major catch up time. I had a couple of long haul flights recently, and a handful of these ratings are from in-flight movies. While in theory I love that you can choose from over 100 movies on some airlines nowadays I still can only really bring myself to watch films I don’t much care about on planes. A combination of the tiny screen, it being too close to your eyes, poor sound quality through headphones, a constant threat of interruption and usually me being very tired prevents me from choosing anything remotely challenging. Oh and while this hasn’t been the case on all flights, if I ever see a ‘This film has been edited for content’ message after choosing one to watch I switch off. I don’t ever want to see an edited version of any film. As such I often find myself watching kids’ movies on planes, as was the case here.

Get the Gringo (How I Spent My Summer Vacation) – 3.5/5

–          Mel Gibson returns to his exploitation cinema roots in this highly daft but hugely enjoyable thriller as a charismatic criminal who finds himself locked up in a Mexican prison that bears no resemblance to any prison you’ve seen before.

The Raid – 4/5

–          I wasn’t as taken with this as most people seemed to be, maybe I was expecting too much. While it boasts a number of hugely impressive action sequences there’s not much else to it.

Man on a Ledge – 3/5

–          Starts off fairly promisingly with an interesting set up but soon descends into increasingly ludicrous territory. Despite this, it’s never dull.

Rogue – 3.5/5

–          What appears to be a stupid creature feature about a giant man-eating crocodile (which it essentially is) surprises by simply being better than you would ever expect.

Perfect Sense – 2/5

–          A really intriguing premise for an apocalypse movie. All humans start losing their senses one at a time. However like the recent ‘4:44 Last Day on Earth’ it’s much more interested in its central couple’s relationship in dingy Glasgow than the global catastrophe occurring outside (only occasional montages of what may be stock footage remind us that there is more going on). Has a few good ideas but doesn’t do enough with them.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – 2/5

–          A family film strictly for the kids. I do like that adventure films like this are still being made but poor jokes, a worthless teen romance subplot and a highly irritating teenage lead leave this this with little to recommend.

Dream (Bi-mong) – 3/5

–          Starts of very well but gets ever stranger as it goes on and not for the better. Probably the weakest effort from Kim-Ki Duk I’ve seen yet.

Jeff, who Lives at Home – 3.5/5

Gone – 2/5

The Princess and the Frog – 3/5

Speed Racer – 2/5

Dark Tide – 2/5

A Good Year – 2.5/5

My Week with Marilyn – 2.5/5


The Tallest Man on Earth – There’s No Leaving Now.


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