Ratings – 21/05/2012


Bit behind on the ratings this week. Anyway I’ve been on a bit of a run of old Spike Lee movies, which looks set to continue:

Calvaire – 3/5

Jungle Fever – 4/5

Crooklyn – 3/5

4 Little Girls – 3/5

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – 2.5/5

Mo’ Better Blues – 3/5



Matt Skiba and the Sekrets – Babylon

–          Sounds exactly how you’d expect really, like recent Alkaline Trio without any Dan songs. If you like that then you should like this. On a similar note:

Tiger Tank EP

I listened to Park a lot many years ago, this sounds very much like a continuation of their sound.

I also finished ‘The Selfish Gene’ this week. Despite reading lots of Dawkins I’d never gotten around to his first book. Needless to say it’s essential, though my favourite is still ‘The Ancestor’s Tale’


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