‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer


Whether he is directing from his own scripts or others’ adapting a book, play or previous film, David Cronenberg’s films always seem to have a certain style and intensity to them identifiable as his. While he’s had a couple of missteps (Spider, M. Butterfly) he’s otherwise been remarkably consistent and his films are always worth watching.


After the long gap following ‘Eastern Promises’ until his most recent effort, ‘A Dangerous Method’ it was saddening to see that it was one of his weakest pictures yet, certainly not a terrible film but one to file under the above mention ‘missteps’.


Well the good news is we hardly have to wait at all for his next project, as ‘Cosmopolis’ is due for release later this year. The bad news is it stars Robert Pattinson, but choosing to work with such an interesting (and non-commercial) director may win him some respect.


The first trailer has just been released:



Well I knew next to nothing about the plot before watching, and I still do now, but I don’t think I want to know any more. I’m sold, it looks fantastic.

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