Sin City 2

A reasonably exciting piece of news appeared this week. It seems that finally ‘Sin City 2’ might really be happening.

As I recall this was first announced just as the original film was coming out in cinemas, a whole seven years ago now. Then it was set to be 2 back-to back sequels, and why not? The first film is essentially a word-for-word translation of 3 of the books, and there were 3 more, including the lengthier ‘Hell and Back’, and a number of shorter stories, enough material for another 2 movies.

After the initial announcement nothing further seemed to happen though. Robert Rodriguez continued his trend of alternating kids movies I have no interest in (‘Shorts’, ‘Spy Kids 4’) with more adult-aimed work (‘Grindhouse’, ‘Machete’ – both great fun), while also announcing several future projects. It certainly seemed like more ‘Sin City’ wasn’t a priority for him. Frank Miller meanwhile, went on to make the apparently awful ‘Spirit’ film (still not seen it).

As the years passed it seemed increasingly unlikely that the film would ever happen.

So what do we know? Well apart from ‘A Dame to Kill For’ (also the film’s title) it won’t be based on any of the existing comics. This may be good news as the film would offer few surprises otherwise, and William Monahan (‘The Departed’) is also involved with the writing.

Casting announcements should be coming soon. For now I’ll be eagerly awaiting any information released.


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